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Feeling better. . . again. February 27, 2010

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Sorry there was no post last week.  The whole family got gastroenteritis.  But we’re all finally feeling better, yay!

The most important thing that happened this week was a big discussion between Bailey and I about goal-setting.  It started out as a bit of an argument, but we managed to transform it into a very powerful discussion about how we could help her follow one of her passions even more.

Bailey loves cooking and baking, and she has a desire for public recognition that she was expressing as “I want to be famous!”  On speaking with her further, we decided that she could have a cooking show on YouTube.  I had her look up storyboarding, and make a plan.  She knows that she’ll only have 10 minutes (YouTube limitation) to do her show, so she is already planning how to edit for time but still keep things clear.  She made a storyboard, and wrote a script for her introduction.  In the next couple of days she will analyze her recipe and plan out how to make the recipe in front of the camera.  She will measure all of the ingredients into small containers (just like on TV), and is looking forward to editing the video.

She also found a great website for goal-setting, and made and printed out a plan.  It gave her questions to answer/statements to complete, and she wrote:

Goal: “To make a cooking show and cook for it every 3 or 4 days.”
Because: “Because I love to cook!  I find cooking easy.”
I will: “I will set aside around 10 minutes each day, to think about what I’ll do.  Find a quiet place to think.”
Watch out for: “Getting sick!  Not being able to cook.”
Support: “Mommy-she can take Ocean away for silence.  Steve-Same as Mommy, and let me use his computer for editing and uploading.”
Stay on track: “Print off more recipes.  Think of more recipes.”

She has also been writing a lot this week, and since she was so busy I didn’t have her write for this O4L.  She spent quite a bit of time perfecting one of her stories.  She also wrote a song.

Bailey spent one night with her Dad this week, and is excited to meet his fiancee, who will be arriving from the United States this week.  She and her Dad are getting along much better these days.  They went for a very long walk while she was there, and he has been supporting her with learning more about cooking.  She made an apple pie this week (at home) using his special recipe.  We didn’t have enough apples for two pies so she had to halve the recipe.


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