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Week… whatever, I don’t remember. :P March 7, 2010

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What a great week!  Bailey seems to be feeling much more confident this week.

Bailey got to go to a play this week about Helen Keller called “The Miracle Worker.”  She loved it, and there was a Q&A afterwards with the actors that she took full advantge of. Apparently the actors were very impressed with her insightful questions and asked her if she was a budding actor. 🙂

A couple days after the play we got to have a very in-depth tour of Western Canada Theatre, the local professional theatre company that put the show on. We saw the wardrobe and props departments, and went to their large storage location to see their vast collection of costumes and props from years past. Then we went up to the theatre to see the Miracle Worker set.

Bailey visited her fellow unschooled friends in Ashcroft this week, too. She got to have a sleepover with them, and enjoyed her time with them. She finds them all to be very kind, and really looks up to them for that.

We haven’t filmed her show yet, but we did work on it some more this week. We hope to film today if her baby brother is okay going with Steve (Ocean has a cold). Then she’ll need to do some editing. I’ve talked with her about revising the time limit on her goals and she seems to understand that she may need to allow herself some more time.

Here is some of what she wrote about her week:

I went to my art class I made a 100% recyclable art project! Made with egg cartons, cereal boxes and lots more! The only things that weren’t recyclable were the paint, glue and paper clips!

Was there anything that you found difficult or challenging? Making sushi! Well maybe not difficult or challenging but more like…Uh…I don’t know. I got frustrated because I felt like static because rice kept on sticking to me.

Tell me about something that used your body to learn? (sports, gardening, clay, building etc.) I played outside with my friends in Ashcroft and went swimming with them. I played outside with them most of the last day!

All right, that’s it from us for now.


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