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Week 18, better late than never January 14, 2010

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I’m feeling a bit better now so I figured I better get this written!

The Visa re-load happened this week, so we were able to purchase some books.  Among them was a book of science experiments.  Bailey and I started an experiment to make a stalactite using string suspended between two glasses filled with water and baking soda.  She was interested to hear how they are actually formed and how stalagmites and columns are then formed.

She also made a pop bottle vortex this week, and read about why it works the way it does.

Bailey looked over her Grapes of Math book some more this week, and managed to solve all of the puzzles!  It was nice to see her relaxing into numbers rather than allowing her fear of math overcome her.

She had a big upset this week, too.  It snowed a lot on Tuesday and it was perfect snowman snow.  We spent 1/2 an hour building a large snowman on the front lawn of our apartment building and then came inside.  Not even 30 minutes later we heard some kids goofing around, looked outside, and saw that they had completely destroyed her snowman.  She cried and cried.  I tried to explain that not all teenagers are so insensitive, but her feelings were too raw.

And that’s what I can remember for this week.  Sorry it’s short, my brain is fuzzy!


Can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 17 weeks! January 3, 2010

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This was the week I always forget about… the lazy, pajama-filled days between xmas and New Year’s.  I think it’s my favourite part of the holiday season.

Making this week even better was the fact that my best friend was in town–Bailey calls her “auntie.”  She brought Bailey her Body Worlds book to borrow.  Bailey went to the Body Worlds exhibit with her grandparents a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, but she doesn’t have any souvenirs so she was happy to look through the book again.  We had an interesting discussion about the ethics of this show.

More cooking for Bailey this week.  She made a delicious macaroni salad and some chili.  She also made a meal plan for me, taking into account the ingredients we already have in the house, and minimizing the groceries we’d have to purchase.

She got lots of exercise sledding this week.  I was watching her and estimating how far her sled went and I really think it was close to two city blocks!  Of course she then had to pull it up the hill with her… while wearing heavy snow pants and snow boots. 

She finally got the game she was saving up for, and has been enjoying running her own fashion boutique.  Her new game came in handy for the day trip she took to Merritt with her grandparents to visit her Aunt and baby cousin.  They did some more sledding and Bailey got to hold puppies that are only a few weeks old.

I bought Bailey a couple of books this week.  One is a book about hamster care.  It is really unique because it talks a lot about hamster behaviour.  By the way, Bailey has also learned that hamsters are not nocturnal as is commonly believed.  They are actually crepuscular, meaning they are active at dawn and at dusk.

The other book is called “The Grapes of Math.”  Bailey has enjoyed seeing the patterns on each page and has related it to skip counting (ie: counting by 2s, counting by 5s, etc.).

Lazy pajama days are over for us now!


Announcement: I have a new blog January 2, 2010

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Check out my new blog!  Steve and I are on a  self-improvement journey together, and keeping the blog will hopefully keep us on track.

I’ll still be posting here every week so keep visiting.


…And here’s Week 16. December 30, 2009

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Hi again!

We had a very busy week getting ready for xmas.  The Solstice party at my Dad’s was lots of fun, and Bailey’s Grandpa liked our punny costumes.

Bailey and her friend decided to be friends again, which I think Bailey is very relieved about.  In addition, Bailey went to a sleepover at another friend’s house this week and had a great time.  It sounds like they had a lot of physical activity, swimming and sledding.

We did some baking this week and Bailey helped me double the recipe for granola and for sugar cookies.

Bailey had three xmases this year.  At Steve’s parents’ house on xmas eve Bailey was thrilled to receive a 5-octave electric keyboard and some piano lesson books.  By xmas morning she had taught herself a number of songs from the book, and continues to play every day.

The next day was xmas day and we spent the first half of it at home.  Bailey was over the moon about her gift from us (a Nintendo DSi), and was also very happy to get a harmonica, which she had some success playing.  Our home is full of music now!

She went to her Dad’s house for a few hours next.  He gave her a microscope and a beginner’s stargazing book.  She has enjoyed looking at the slides that came with the microscope, and wants to buy some blank slides so that we can look at hair, drops of water, blades of grass, etc.

She spent the evening with us at her Aunt’s house, and independently chose to clean her Aunt’s house for her at the end of evening.  I was quite proud of her, as she noticed her Aunt was kind of stressed about the state of her home after having all the relatives over and helped her out of the goodness of her heart… then her Aunt slipped her ten dollars, haha.

Now Bailey is busy counting her money and figuring out how much more she needs to save to buy a Nintendo DS game called Style Savvy.  She watched me figure out how much her Stepdad’s discount would take off the price and then how much the tax would be.

That’s it from us for this week.  Take care!


Oops! Forgot to post Week 15!

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Bailey had a bit of a rough week.  She made the difficult decision to end her friendship with her one remaining public schooled friend.  She told me she was tired of fighting with this girl all the time, and she wanted to focus on making friends with kinder people.  I am a bit concerned about this, but I think Bailey is feeling some relief about her decision.  I want to make sure that she broke up this friendship in the least painful way possible so I am encouraging her to send her ex-friend a card acknowledging that she does stand by her decision but she hopes she didn’t cause too much pain.  *sigh*  We’ll see.

Bailey made lots of cookies this week, and even got to try out an antique cookie press at her Grandma’s house.  We made ginger molasses cookies at home, but we keep eating them so we still don’t have any xmas baking done!

Speaking of ginger molasses cookies, we did a very cool science experiment this week.  (That sentence will make sense in a minute, I promise!)  I bought some pH test papers back in October, and forgot that they were in my purse.  When I found them I gave them to Bailey and she was pretty excited as she had just discovered a game on the PBS website about acids, neutrals, and bases.  She decided to see what would happen if she put the papers in vinegar, water, and stain remover (an idea she got from the website).  After that, we all wanted to see what colour the paper would turn if we licked it.  Bailey and I were neutral, but Steve’s paper turned bright purple (which meant he was a base)!  Bailey thought it was maybe because he is male, so we got Ocean to try (that was pretty easy, given the amount of drool he produces), but his paper was also neutral.  Finally, Steve mentioned that he had recently eaten a ginger molasses cookie.  I volunteered to eat a cookie (all in the name of science, of course) and when I licked the test strip it instantly turned bright purple.

Besides science, we’ve been keeping busy with fun art activities.  We made more snowflakes, colored pictures, and are currently working on costumes for my Dad’s Solstice party tonight.  He wants everyone to come dressed as flowers, but we all wanted to do something “punny.”  Bailey will be going as Flower from Bambi, I am taping a picture of a bag of flour to my shirt, and Steve is glueing googly eyes to his shirt (he’s a bunch of “irises” of course!).  Bailey is looking forward to sharing the joke with her Grandpa.

Another busy week coming up with Solstice and Christmas.  Hope you and yours have a wonderful time of it.


Week 14 already? December 13, 2009

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Bailey has been learning a lot about herself this week.  It has been a good week for introspection, as Steve was out of town twice so we stayed home without the car.

A few weeks ago she participated with some other homeschoolers in making a film.  She was given a role and we were getting together again yesterday (Saturday) to finish making the film.  However, Bailey decided that she did not want to participate anymore.  She tells me that she thinks she is more of a behind-the-scenes person than an on-camera person.  Luckily we were working with a very understanding group of people so Bailey was able to bow out gracefully.

She was excited to talk to her Learning Consultant on Thursday.  He called to sdminister the Canwest Spelling Bee words to see if she would advance to the next round in the Bee.  She had fun doing the spelling words, but I suspect that she might be tiring of the idea of the spelling bee, too.

She is entering a new phase of deschooling, I think, and is treasuring her freedom more and more.  She is no longer finding comfort in traditionally “schooly” activities, and is instead taking more of an interest in learning things on her own.  This is an important process, but it sure is unsettling for her (and for me sometimes!).

Also this week she did the magic mud experiment from the website  What was really neat to see was that she wanted to learn more about WHY magic mud behaves the way it does, so she looked it up and explained it to me and Steve.  She learned that it is a colloid and learned what a colloid is.

Christmas is coming, and Bailey is excited.  Last Sunday we went to a friend’s house for a gingerbread castle decorating party.  On Thursday we volunteered as a family at Christmas Amalgamated, and really had a great time putting hampers together.  Last night she went with her grandma and grandpa to Wildlights at the Wildlife Park.  I have been trying to have a more positive attitude towards Christmas (and winter in general) this year and I hope it has been helping Bailey.  We haven’t had much snow yet this year, but the few times it has snowed I have made an effort to point out the beauty of it to Bailey, and she has responded positively.  She is getting excited about Solstice, too.  We will go to my Dad’s house for a Solstice celebration.  He wants everyone to dress up as flowers.  Bailey will be helping me make edible gifts this year (but I won’t say what because I know my sister reads this!).  Despite having atheist/agnostic/pagan/whatever parents I think Bailey is having a spiritually fulfilling Christmas season.

That’s it for this week!


Hahaha! December 12, 2009

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Just had to post a link to this awesome XKCD cartoon that made me laugh a lot.

That is all.